A start to 2023 full of successes for Judith Jáuregui

Judith has received a wide-ranging applause from the critics for her different projects of the first quarter of 2023. 

Following the recording of her upcoming album with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León in January, Judith joined the ADDA Simfònica and its principal conductor, Josep Vicent, in Alicante to perform The Nights in the Gardens of Spain by Manuel de Falla. This was celebrated by Ritmo magazine, which in its review sayed that... [read here the latest reviews]

Judith returns to main stages in Spain and travels to Latin America for her debut in Mexico

Judith will return in the coming weeks to some of the main stages in Spain of where she has played regularly in recent years, including the Auditorio Nacional de Música in Madrid, the ADDA in Alicante, the Euskalduna Palace of Bilbao or the Auditorio de Zaragoza. She will also travel to Latin America to make her debut in Mexico. Following her recent presence on stages in France, Belgium, Turkey or the Czech Republic, the pianist now returns to the Spanish scene with a variety of different projects and repertoires.

Judith records Falla and Grieg with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León and Kaspar Zehnder

Judith has now finalised the recording of her next album, which has been recorded with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León (OSCYL) and maestro Kaspar Zehnder at the Auditorio Miguel Delibes in Valladolid (Spain). The works of the album are ‘Nights in the Garden of Spain’ by Manuel de Falla and ‘Piano Concerto in A minor’ by Edvard Grieg. Her previous album, ‘Die Romatische Seele’, dedicated to Robert and Clara Schumman, was nominated to the Opus Klassik Awards in the Best Soloist of the Year category in 2021.

Live on Mezzo TV and Allegro HD

The French and Latin American musical channels Mezzo TV and Allegro HD respectively broadcast live recordings of Judith Jáuregui. Allegro HD premiered on Sunday 11 December the live recording of her recital at the La Rioja Festival this Spring, where Judith played works by Granados, Grieg, Brahms and Chopin. The full concert will be re-broadcast several times over the coming weeks in Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Ecuador. A few weeks earlier, Mezzo TV, the leading French classical music channel, broadcast the recording of Judith’s concert with the Gerhard Quartet in the latest edition of the Lille Piano(s) Festival, where they played the Quintets of Dvorak and Granados.


End of season in Switzerland, France, Czech Republic and Belgium

Judith has brought this 21/22 season to a close with two recitals at the Festival Concertus Moraviae in the Czech Republic, her debut at Flagey in Brussels within the Festival Musiq’3 and playing the Nights in the Gardens of Spain by Manuel de Falla with the Sinfonie Orchester Biel Solothurn in Switzerland as well as with the Orchestre National de Lille in France. You can read here some of the reviews that have applauded these performances and soon, some of her most recent concerts that have been recorded live by Mezzo TV, Belgian national radio and Allegro HD will be broadcast.

Reviews summary - first quarter of 2022

Judith ends a very active first quarter traveling across Spain with different repertoires and an unanimous response from critics. The last of these stages was the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao, where she played the Nights in the Gardens of Spain with the Castille and León Symphony conducted by Gabriel Bebeselea in an emotional sold out concert that brought to a close this year’s Musika-Música Festival. Read here a summary of the reviews of this and other concerts at the Auditorio de Galicia in Santiago de Compostela, the Palau de la Música in Barcelona and with the Murcia Symphony Orchestra. 

Grieg with the Symphony Orchestra of the Balearic Islands

Having begun 2022 playing at the historic Philarmonic Society in Malaga, Judith has enjoyed a fantastic week with the Symphony Orchestra of the Balearic Islands and Colombian-US conductor Lina González-Granados interpreting Grieg's Piano Concerto in A minor Op.16, as highlighted by the strong reviews received which have underscored a ‘rock-solid technique, rhythmic verve and a delicate touch’, as well as ‘the warmth, passion, vitality and beauty… the elegance of Jáuregui’s hands'. 


Judith starts her 21/22

Spanish pianist starts the new season with exciting rendezvous on the horizon. To name some of them, in this 21/22 she will join the Sinfonieorchester Biel Solothurn and the Castille and Leon Symphony Orchestra, playing with both of them the Nights in the Gardens of Spain by Manuel de Falla. She will visit also the season of the Balearic Islands Symphony playing Grieg’s Piano Concerto, the Murcia Symphony playing the just-premiered Nocturnos de Andalucía for piano and orchestra by Lorenzo Palomo or the ADDA Symphony performing Brahms first Piano Concerto.

Recent reviews

These have been a few very busy months for Judith, which have seen her play on different stages in France, Spain and Colombia, resulting in excellent reviews of her performances. Following her recital at the Lille Piano Festival, the French publication Pianiste Magazine stated ‘Judith Jáuregui offered a particularly luminous recital. Piano and public travelled together; she captivated the hall’. Anaclase magazine agreed, concluding that ‘With Jáuregui we discovered an artist who immediately proved to be bewitching', whilst Tout la Culture highlighted ‘The rhythm, she has it in an innate and inimitable way’.

Die romantische Seele, Judith's latest album, nominated to the Opus Klassic Awards

Judith has been nominated to the Opus Klassik awards, one of the most prestigious classical music prizes worldwide, with her album Die Romantische Seele (Ars Produktion), the sixth of her career. The Spanish pianist has been selected alongside great international artists in the Solo Interpretation of the Year category.

'Creative intuition'- Judith featured in International Piano Magazine

British magazine International Piano has dedicated its ‘One to watch’ section to Judith in the January-February issue. The magazine, a reference for the world of the piano, describes the pianist as ‘creative intuition’‘an imaginative artist, a strikingly individual performer who has impressed European audiences with her maturity of expression’. 

Read the complete article here!

Beethoven no. 1 with the Basque National Orchestra

Following her concerts with the Spanish National Radio and Television Orchestra, Judith now joins the Basque National Orchestra within its season to play on February 15 and 16 in Pamplona. Conducted by Jaume Santoja (associate conductor of the orchestra) they will perform Beethoven’s Concerto no.1, one of Judith’s favourite concerts. “A work that brings back cherished memories of my childhood - she says - because it was one of the first concerts with orchestra that I learnt and played in public.”

Judith begins 2021 with Mozart & the ORTVE

On January 22nd  and 23rd Judith will offer her first two concerts of the year at the Teatro Monumental of Madrid together with the Spanish National Radio and Television Orchestra (ORTVE), within its season dedicated to Musical Revolutions and conducted by the Dutch maestro Jan Willem de Vriend. The pianist will play Mozart’s Concerto no. 20, with Mendelssohn’s Symphony no. 1 and the overture of “Orpheus ed Euridice’ by Gluck completing the programme. The concert on Friday 22nd January will be broadcast live at 20:00 hours by Radio Clásica and will subsequently screened on Los conciertos de La 2 on Spanish national television.

Great international reception of 'Die romantische Seele'

Judith’s new album, dedicated to Robert and Clara Schumann and recorded with the Orquestra Simfònica Camera Musicae and Tomàs Grau, is enjoying a fantastic reception from international critics. They coincide in identifying the pianist with the romantic soul that the Schumanns' symbolize, praising her sound as ‘a festival of polyphony and fluidity, sobriety and elegance, and a rare intelligence of contrast and nuance’, as well as the emotional impact of her performance, which flies between ‘a strong musical power and an overwhelming interiority’.

A summer of emotional reunions

Despite the uncertainty and difficulties of recent times, live music has sounded once again this summer. The longed-for moment of reuniting artists and audiences finally arrived and was unforgettable, with Judith having the good fortune of experiencing this several times over the summer months. The reception on each occasion was very warm and applauded by the critics, who remarked that Jáuregui “played with the maturity of musicians who know how to pause and think, with the poise of careers that look to the long-term and which accumulate, a step at a time, all sorts of memories”, and highlighted her “subtlety, excellent planning and airy games at the keys”, describing her piano as being “of a moving and exultant quality”.

Judith nominated for an Opus Klassik Award

Judith has been nominated for her album Pour le tombeau de Claude Debussy to an Opus Klassik 2020 award, one of the most prestigious prizes given to classical music recordings worldwide. The album has been selected, together with others of recognised soloists and leading orchestras, in the category for live recordings. 

Edited in 2019, Pour le tombeau de Claude Debussy is a tribute to one of the composers who is an absolute reference to the pianist, and in which she portrays the figure of Debussy through his bonds with Falla, Liszt, Chopin and Mompou. It was recorded live in Vienna in October 2018 during her recital in the “Imperial in Concert” series organized by the historic piano manufacturer Bösendorfer.

New album: Die romantische Seele

Judith Jáuregui presents her latest album Die romantische Seele (The Romantic Soul), with music by Clara and Robert Schumann, released by ARS Produktion. The Schumanns had to fight hard for their love. Yet despite the resistance and hurdles that initially stood in their way, their marriage became a source of mutual artistic admiration and inspiration that illuminated some of the most important works in the history of music. In Die romantische Seele Judith has included four works that reflect this deep union: Schumann's Piano Concerto acts as the anchor point of the album, that is completed with three works for solo piano that testifies to the intense flame of its authors. With them the artist returns to the purest romanticism and to one of the composers who have most marked her in her career to date.

Judith Jáuregui & Britten Sinfonia

Judith’s last concert just days before the Covid-19 crisis was alongside the Britten Sinfonia, playing Chopin’s Piano Concerto no. 1. The English ensemble and the soloist enjoyed a celebrated performance that was full of complicity, as reflected in the review in El Correo the following day: ‘…within that intimate chamber music ambiance, Judith Jáuregui burst in with powerful, intense chords, which soon gave way to the delicacy and elegance that are her own, to her warm, very focused phrasing, which always goes straight ahead, without avoiding difficulties. These abound in the piece by way of all kinds of scales and arpeggios, alternating with soft, dreamy dynamics, in which Jáuregui showed crystalline qualities, temperance in tone and the melancholy of a first maturity’.

Judith Jáuregui’s big success in Madrid

Judith has had a great start to 2020, commencing in Germany with Brahms’ Piano Concerto No.1 and the Neubrandenburger Philharmonie and subsequently followed by a very good reception in her debut at the Sociedad de Conciertos in Alicante (Spain). 

On 17 February it was at the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, in a concert co-produced by the CNDM (Spain’s National Centre for the Diffusion of Music), that she played an intense programme devoted to Beethoven, Ligeti and José Luis Greco. Her success has been categorical and musical reviews received have praised, amongst other, her great evolution over recent months.

Interview - How pianist Judith Jáuregui captured Debussy’s ‘dreamy atmosphere’

'Judith Jáuregui, based in Madrid but peripatetic in her concertizing around Europe, is gaining an international audience of admirers, boosted by the brilliant pianistic colors of her Debussy, Liszt, Falla, Chopin and Mompou in her fifth CD, 'Pour le Tombeau de Claude Debussy', just out.'

The music critic Michael Johnson publishes in Facts and Arts an extensiv interview with Judith, in which she talks about her origins, her mix of cultures, her studies, her influences and her recordings, among others.

Read the full interview here!

Judith ends 2019 with a fantastic reception of her latest projects

Judith ends 2019 with a fantastic reception of her latest projects as reflected by the reviews of her recent tour with the Orquesta Sinfónica Camera Musicae conducted by Tomàs Grau interpreting Schumman's piano concerto, which highlighted 'the high degree of rapport between the piano and orchestra' and praised the pianist's interpretation for its 'clarity, charm and gentleness'. Her solo recital programme dedicated to Beethoven, with four sonatas by the German genius, was also received to great acclaim 'Extraordinary music and an extraordinary performer can be the summary of the revealing recital’. Moreover, the good reception of her latest album Pour le tombeau de Claude Debussy in international media continues, with several concurring that Jáuregui is 'an artist whose next publications will certainly have to be followed closely’.

Start of the new season: from Berlin to San Sebastian, passing through Madrid & Tokyo

Following a fantastic start to the 19/20 season at the Konzerthaus in Berlin with the violinist Sebastian Bohren, Judith Jáuregui begins a tour of Spain with the Camera Musicae Symphonic Orchestra conducted by the maestro Tomàs Grau. Judith will also travel to Japan where she will offer two recitals in Tokyo. On her return, she has further dates in Madrid and Murcia before bringing an extraordinary 2019 to a close in her beloved Victoria Eugenia Theatre in San Sebastian, where she will play the repertoire of her latest album Pour le tombeau de Claude Debussy.

Excellent first reviews of ‘Pour le tombeau de Claude Debussy’

Judith Jáuregui’s new album “Pour le tombeau de Claude Debussy” has received strong critical acclaim in different European cultural and musical publications, both in terms of the choice of repertoire – which is in memory to the French maestro and includes works by himself as well as others by composers who are artistically close to his figure, such as Liszt, Chopin, Falla and Mompou – and well as regarding Jauregui’s interpretation, defined as “being one of pianistic sovereignty”, “poetry that shines with its own light”, “surprising for its extrovert nature and freshness” or “a true Musical lesson”.

Shostakovich and Weinberg in Seville and Madrid with the Signum Quartett

On April 3rd and 4th Judith and the Signum Quartett will play together again at the Teatro Central of Seville and the National Auditorium of Madrid respectively. The programme revolves around two great friends who had different twists of fate in their lives: the reputed Shostakovich achieved success and high degrees of popularity whilst his friend Weinberg, unfairly, did not enjoy such recognition with the consequence that his music is therefore not played as often. Jáuregui and the Signum will play his Quintet, a magnificent work that perfectly describes the expressive intensity of its composer.

New CD: Pour le tombeau de Claude Debussy

The pianist Judith Jáuregui presents her new record, Pour le tombeau de Claude Debussy - live from Vienna, a tribute to Debussy, a composer of reference for her; with this record the pianist outlines the figure of Debussy through his links with Falla, Liszt, Chopin and Mompou. The album, which marks the beginning of Judith's collaboration with the prestigious German label ARS Produktion, was recorded live in Vienna in October 2018 during her recital in the series “Imperial in Concert” organised by Bösendorfer, the renowned piano manufacturer. Judith is now a member of their group of artists, as a Bösendorfer Artist.

From London to New York in the Bilbao Musika-Música Festival

Judith Jáuregui returns to the Musika-Música Festival, devoted this year to the music composed in London and New York in the XIX and XX centuries. This will be a unique opportunity to hear Judith perform works from the 19th and 20th centuries by English and US composers: Amy Beach, Rebecca Clarke, George Gershwin, Frank Bridge, Benjamin Britten. There is room for Granados too, in recognition of his relationship with New York. The pianist will alternate works for piano solo with chamber music, accompanied by the Gerhard Quartet and by the violist Isabel Villanueva.

Beethoven and Debussy for starters in 2019

Judith’s first engagement this year will be at the Auditorio de la Hospedería Fonseca in Salamanca with the Beethoven Actual concert series, a proposal that brings together Beethoven Sonatas with Ligeti’s Studies and a commissioned piece of work from the composer José Luis Greco. Three days later, Judith will be in Vigo to offer ‘Pour le tombeau de Claude Debussy’, a tribute to the French composer to be played within the season of the Vigo Philharmonic Society.

Last concert of 2018 in Málaga

On December 13th Judith will return for the fourth time to the Sala María Cristina in Málaga within the concert season of the city’s Philharmonic Society, an organization with which she has a strong and long-lasting relationship. This will be her final concert of 2018 and will see her play the programme “Pour le tombeau de Claude Debussy” in tribute to the French composer, one of her favourite authors.

“Innate talent and commitment”

The concert given by Judith Jáuregui and the Signum Quarttet within the Luis G. Iberni Days cycle at the Auditorio de Oviedo (Spain) at the beginning of November had a fantastic reception. Although this was the first time they played together, the audience appreciated the degree of rapport between the musicians during their performance, described by the musical press as a gift for the senses due to their versions full of connection, intensity and nuances.

Judith plays at the “Luis G. Iberni” Piano Days in Oviedo

Judith will play the opening concert of the “Luis G. Iberni” Piano Days at the Príncipe Felipe Auditorium in Oviedo, one of the most consolidated piano cycles in Spain, on November 7th. In what will be her first collaboration with the German quartet Signum Quartett, she will play two of the greatest piano quintets composed: Piano Quintet in A Major by Dvorak and the Piano Quintet in E-flat major by Schumann.

Soria, Oviedo, Málaga and Vienna, first stops for Judith Jáuregui’s new season

The pianist Judith Jáuregui begins her new season with an important concert agenda for this autumn. In Spain, Judith will be returning upon invitation to festivals of long-standing tradition. Furthermore, she will also be making her debut in Vienna, where she will make her first appearance at the “Imperial in Concert” cycle organized by the prestigious piano manufacturer Bösendorfer at the legendary Imperial Hotel.

Judith returns to the Quincena Musical Festival of San Sebastián

With the added joy of “playing at home, surrounded by friends and family, at one of the festivals I love the most”, the San Sebastian-born pianist Judith Jáuregui returns to the Quincena Musical festival of San Sebastian. This time Judith will be accompanied by the violinist Lina Tur Bonet on Thursday 16th August - within the “Musical Thursdays at San Telmo” series – bringing a repertoire that includes works especially chosen for this 79th edition of the Quincena festival, which is devoted to the theme “Myth and Tradition”.

“A night of extreme piano intensity”

Great reception of Judith’s latest recital at the Festival de Música d’Estiu in Ciutadella (Menorca, Balearic Islands). The daily Diario de Menorca reviews the concert in which the artist played homage to Debussy, with works both by the French composer himself - as well as others close to him such Falla, Liszt, Ravel or Chopin - underscoring the intensity as well as the technical and expressive brightness of the pianist. According to critic Joan Mascaró, the concert was a contest between exaltation and sensitivity, guided by an extraordinary energy and elegance that received an all-round ovation for an ecstatic public.

Tribute to Debussy at the Festival D’Estiu of Ciutadella, Menorca

Judith Jáuregui returns to the Festival D´Estiu of Ciutadella (Menorca, Balearic Islands) with a concert in tribute to Claude Debussy at the magical Cloister of the Seminari, in the year that marks the centenary of his death. Just back from her successful five-concert tour of China, Judith returns to a festival of which she has very fond memories following her performance there in 2016, this time to pay homage to the memory of the French composer, one of her favourites.

Interview in El Cultural: the dialogue between the score and the myth

The Spanish magazine El Cultural de El Mundo publishes an interview with Judith Jáuregui and the violinist Lina Tur Bonet in the run-up to the concert they will offer at the Quincena Musical festival of San Sebastian. In the words of the Spanish magazine, the artists, “two of the most charismatic, lively and inspired soloists of our country” will play “one of the most suggestive concerts of the festival”. In the idyllic surroundings of the Museo San Telmo and accompanied by works by Zurbarán, Ribera or Rubens, Lina and Judith will play works by Debussy, Turina or Ravel. They talk about their upcoming albums, museums and more in the full-length interview.

Interview in El Hedonista

"A lively, fun, learned, travelled, thoughtful, spontaneous woman...That is how the digital magazine El Hedonista defines Judith Jáuregui in her latest interview. In it the pianist reveals her more personal side, sharing with journalist Miguel de Santos her personal tastes, hobbies, as well as her favourite places in the world or her preferred authors.

China Tour - July 2018

After the end of the season in Europe – which came to a close with the success of her recital at the Southbank Centre in London - Judith now returns to China, where she will land at the beginning of July to offer an extensive recital tour throughout the country, beginning in Beijing before playing in Tianjin, Harbin, Chengdu and Liuzhou.

Judith Jáuregui in Paris

Following a string of performances across France that have been extraordinarily well received, Judith arrives at the Auditorium du Louvre in Paris on Thursday 17th May for the closing concert of the “Delacroix and Music” cycle, an event belonging to the grand exhibition the Louvre Museum is devoting to the French painter. The concert will be Jáuregui’s debut in Paris, and she will be playing works by Haydn, Liszt and Chopin.

Concert Review | “Judith Jáuregui, the muse of emotions”

This is title of Scherzo magazine’s review of Judith Jáuregui’s latest concert in Madrid, held on April 9th and part of the “The London Music Nights” series, which throughout the year is seeing some of the most outstanding artists of the new generation of Spanish classical musicians play at the historic Café Comercial. Signed by Nacho Castellanos, the review highlights the expectation and euphoric and cathartic emotion created by the pianist in each work played.

Interview with Judith in Donostia Style: beginnings, career to date and future projects

Donostia Style – the lifestyle blog dedicated to art, movies, literature and music – brings readers an interview in which Judith Jáuregui tells Idoia Azaldegui about some of the highlights of her life, including her childhood, her musical evolution from the very beginnings to the present day, as well as the different current and future projects she is involved in, in so doing revealing the person behind the artist.

New video | ‘Pagodes’ by Claude Debussy

On the 100th anniversary of the death of the brilliant French composer, Judith Jáuregui presents a new video of his work Pagodes, the first number of Estampes, one of Debussy’s most representative compositions for piano solo. Absolutely fascinated by Oriental culture, which he discovered at the Exposition Universelle in Paris, and inspired by the harmonies and colours of Asia, Debussy created a piece in which the details of the textures, the nuances and the musical exoticism of the composer can be truly appreciated. Produced by Sintonía Media and recorded at the Palacio Marqués de Salamanca by courtesy of the Fundación BBVA.

Judith Jáuregui’s turn at ‘The London Music Nights’

Recently landed from Schloss Elmau in Germany, Judith Jáuregui arrives this Monday April 9th to Madrid for her recital concert at The London Music Nights, sponsored by the London No.1 brand and La Fonoteca and held at the legendary Café Comercial in Madrid. In this way, she becomes part of a cycle that aims to take classical music to different venues and audiences from those usually associated with classical music, in an innovative cultural bet that brings together a set of young musicians with brilliant careers on an international level. Judith will play a very complete repertoire that will include works by Haydn, Liszt, Debussy, Szymanowski and Chopin.

Schumann and Beethoven in Alicante

Judith Jáuregui’s next concert will take place at the Auditorium of the Diputación de Alicante (ADDA) on March 22nd, where she will be playing the Concerto in A minor op. 54 of Schumann, this time with the Symphonic Orchestra of the Region of Murcia led by its lead conductor Virginia Martínez. This will be a wonderful occasion to reunite once again with the work of the German composer to whom Judith feels such a special connection with, as witnessed by her first recorded album. The second part of the concert will be devoted to Beethoven’s “Eroica” symphony.

Judith Jáuregui in Grenoble

The concert series Musée en Musique will welcome Judith Jáuregui this Sunday 18th March, where she will play a recital concert with works by Haydn, Liszt and Chopin in homage to the French painter Eugène Delacroix, to whom the museum is paying tribute to in its latest exhibition in collaboration with the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Spanish Inspiration

New York cultural magazine Hoc Tok publishes an extensive interview with Judith Jáuregui. Highlighting "the technical mastery, the sensibility and the elegance" of the pianist's music, the publication explores her beginnings in the musical world, her favorite composers and pianists, her career, the visibility of classical music today and her plans for the future.

Judith Jáuregui returns to Musika-Música Festival

With a repertoire dedicated to European music of the interwar years, Judith returns to Musika-Musica in Bilbao, one of her favourite festivals and to which she has been invited on numerous occasions throughout her career. She will devote this edition to chamber music with a trio ensemble together with the Spanish violinist Lina Tur Bonet and the Franco-Swiss violoncellist Nadège Rochat, as well as playing a duo with the French clarinetist Paul Meyer.

“Nuit du Piano” at the Opéra de Toulon

The Opéra de Toulon hosts the Winter Festival where Judith Jáuregui will be part of its “Nuit du Piano”, the final concert of the Festival that will bring together four pianists to share five hours with the audience. The theme of the current edition of the Festival is “Riverbanks of the Rhine”, and will include music by both German and French composers.

Judith Jáuregui at the Piano Week of Saint-Étienne

Works by Granados, Chopin, Debussy, Mompou, Szymanowski and Scriabin will be the protagonists of the concert Judith will play at the Thèâtre Copeau de la Ópera de Saint-Étienne, part of an entire week devoted by the venue to the new figures of the European piano scene.

Judith Jáuregui on the The London Music Nights LP

The pianist forms part of the selection of eight artists whose recordings have been included on The London Music Nights LP, an innovative cultural proposal that brings together some of the most important names of the new generation of Spanish musicians. The work chosen by Jáuregui for inclusion in the LP is Chopin’s Nocturne no. 20. The record is now available both at music shops and online at La Fonoteca.

“More than a piano concert”

2017 came to a very positive end for Judith Jáuregui, a year in which she has presented herself in cities across France, Spain, Switzerland and England playing eclectic repertoires - ranging from classicism to contemporary music - both solo as well as with chamber music and different orchestras, and receiving a warm reception from the musical press.

Judith Jáuregui 2017-2018 Masterclasses

Judith Jáuregui’s masterclass sessions will take place on a monthly basis over the 2017-2018 academic year. Organized by the Escuela Popular de Música y Danza de Madrid, the sessions will take place at Polimúsica Madrid and will be open to all students currently undertaking graduate and postgraduate studies.

New season start

Judith Jáuregui will start the new season in her hometown San Sebastián with a recital in the Matinée Cycle of the Basque Symphony Orchestra. Subsequently, the first months of the 17/18 season will see her play at the Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville, the concert series ‘Music at 22 Mansfield Street’ in London, the Teatro Góngora with the Córdoba Orchestra, the Teatro Zorrilla in Valladolid and the Baluarte Auditorium in Pamplona.

"The full range of feelings"

Last Sunday, September 3rd, Judith's residence at the Murten Classics Festival came to an end: over the last weeks there she had appeared on different stages and in different combinations, as a soloist, in recitals and in chamber music. The reaction to this Swiss debut has been extremely positive, with special highlights being identified as the musicality, sound and style.

Judith Jáuregui, Artist in Residence at the Murten Classics Festival

The Spanish pianist will make her debut in Switzerland as Artist in Residence at the Murten Classics Festival, which will take place between August 13th and September 3rd. The festival has recently presented its upcoming edition, where Jáuregui is due to be one of its main protagonists and will be offering festival-goers a 360 degree tour of her piano: as a soloist, playing chamber music and recital concerts, as well as presenting her latin-jazz piano fusion project.

Judith Jáuregui & Lina Tur: duo at the Madrid Summer Festival 2017

The XXX edition of the Festival Clásicos en Verano, an initiative of the regional government of Madrid, will bring together Judith Jáuregui and violinist Lina Tur for two dates on July 7th and 8th. Both artists will perform a repertoire titled “Bohemia”, which will include works by Toldrà, Ravel, Granados or Franck.

Judith returns to the Lille Piano Festival

The French festival will welcome Judith Jáuregui for a second time in its forthcoming edition. The event brings together over fifty artists from all over the world, with young international musicians and a number of prestigious soloists providing the highlight of this year’s festival.

Upcoming debuts in Paris and London

The upcoming 2017/2018 season will bring two very special debuts: the first, a recital at the Auditorium du Louvre in Paris within the Delacroix and music cycle. A few weeks later, the second will take Judith to the Southbank Centre in London.

Women in music

El Mundo’s weekly magazine Yo Dona brings together a group of leading women in Spanish classical music for an interview in which they discuss their experiences, as well as their careers, lives and expectations.

Concerts with the Región de Murcia Orchestra and Virginia Martínez

Judith returns to the concert season of the Región de Murcia Orchestra, this time led by its Principal Conductor Virginia Martínez and interpreting Ravel’s Piano Concerto in G Major. The concerts will take place on May 4th in Murcia and May 5th in Cartagena.

New video: Chopin’s Ballade no.1 op. 23

Now available on her YouTube channel the new video by Judith Jáuregui performing Chopin’s Ballade no. 1, one of the central pieces of her latest album: X. Recording, editing and production by Noah Shaye.

Classical-Latin Jazz Fusion in Santander

The Palacio de Festivales of Cantabria in Santander receives tomorrow the Chopin’Chopin project, a classical music-latin jazz fusion initiative by Judith Jáuregui and the Cuban pianist Pepe Rivero. Two pianos and two styles up against each other on stage, listening to one another, relaying each other, and confirming how well they blend into one same spectacle.

Master Class series in Madrid

The Escuela Popular de Música has invited Judith Jáuregui to give a master class series in Madrid. Confirmed dates are March 31st, April 21st, May 12th and June 2nd and will take place in the Sala Manuel de Falla at the SGAE in Madrid.

Duo with Franco-Swiss cellist Nadège Rochat at Musika-Música in Bilbao

Last weekend, Judith Jáuregui and Franco-Swiss cellist Nadège Rochat joined forces for the first time on stage at the Musika-Música Festival in Bilbao, which this year played tribute to composers from Bohemia.

Echoes of Nantes

French musical magazine Pianiste reviews the 2017 Folle Journée de Nantes, highlighting Judith Jáuregui’s performance and describing the pianist as a “free and delicate” artist.

Judith Jáuregui at the Folle Journée in Nantes, France

Following last summer’s performances at La Roque d’Anthéron Judith debuts in Nantes with a programme devoted to dance, the theme of this year’s festival. The concerts will take place on February 2nd and 3rd.

X at the Teatro Gayarre in Pamplona

Presentation concert of Judith Jáuregui’s new album within the Great Performers series of the Teatro Gayarre in Pamplona. The Diario de Navarra publishes an interview with the pianist in which she discusses her latest project and looks back on her career to date. 

5* for X in Melómano musical magazine

Musical magazine Melómano has awarded a five star review to Judith Jáuregui’s new album. In his review, critic Francisco J. Balsera highlights Jáuregui’s reading of Scriabin, which is “addressed intelligently, and which captivates with a rounded and penetrating sound”

Review of X in Scherzo Magazine

“Temperament, freshness and a musical vocation with fabulous prospects for the future…” Asier Vallejo praises the pianist’s work in X, highlighting how  “Jauregui's pianism has grown with the knowledge that comes from the passing of time without losing, for one instance, the joy in her fingers”.

Beethoven Actual concert series in Alicante

Judith Jáuregui returns to the Auditorio de la Diputación de Alicante (ADDA), this time playing in the Beethoven Actual series organized by the Centro Nacional de Difusión Musical of Spain. The programme includes Sonatas no. 2, no. 13, no. 25 and no. 4 by the composer from Bonn, as well as Studies no. 11 and no. 12 by Ligeti and the world premiere of ‘Study in Stride’ by the Spanish composer José Luis Greco.


3 questions for Judith Jáuregui

3 questions for Judith Jáuregui

The January edition of Telva magazine publishes an interview with the pianist in which, in addition to discussing her latest album, she talks about her beginnings, her daily life and her view on life as a concert pianist.

X arrives at the Sala María Cristina in Málaga

Judith Jáuregui starts the year where she left-off, back on the road with her Tour X, and does so at the Philharmonic Society in Málaga, where she will perform live the complete works of her new album. 

Slavs under the Southern sun

Review of X in El Arte de la Fuga, by Blas Matamoro

Judith Jáuregui is one of the main figures of the current cream of Spanish piano. Sumptuous sound, decisive phrasing and a versatility of styles are always guaranteed with her. In this album she takes us to the world of Slavic piano, perhaps approachable through religious nuances: the evocation of Russian orthodox Christianity in Scriabin and Central European Catholicism in Chopin and Szymanowski.

Judith Jáuregui in ‘Atención Obras’ on Televisión Española

Interview for Spanish national television programme ‘Atención Obras’, with music recorded live from the BBVA Foundation in Madrid, in which the pianist talks about her latest album X.

Review of X in Ritmo Magazine

Juan Berberana reviews Judith Jáuregui’s new album X, describing her interpretation of Scriabin as “brilliant, violent at times, decisive...” As a whole, X is “a brave and valuable piece of work that allows us to follow the career of one of our most promising pianists” according to Berberana.


Judith and ecstasy

Interview for Diario de Sevilla, by Pablo J. Vayón

At the beginning of his career, nothing suggested that pianist and composer Alexander Scriabin (Moscow, 1872-1915) would end up occupying such an exceptional place in the pantheon of musical extravagance. A great piano virtuoso, his initial works liaise easily with the Romanticism of Chopin and Liszt, but towards the end of the XIXth century his music began to change, becoming more mysterious and morbid.

“One has to dare with the storm inside that classical music creates”

Interview for El Diario Vasco, by Alberto Moyano

On December 14th Judith Jáuregui will present her new album X at the Teatro Victoria Eugenia in San Sebastián. A few weeks ago, the Diario Vasco published an interview delving into the launch of the pianist’s new project.

Tribute to the poet Rubén Darío and Enrique Granados in Santander

The Botín Foundation hosts the poetical musical recital in which the pianist Judith Jáuregui and the poet Fernando Abascal will pay tribute to Darío and Granados to mark the centenary of their deaths.

Closing concert of the Festival Rencontres Musicales of Artois, France

In this edition, Judith has been asked to play the final notes of the festival with a tribute to Enrique Granados on the centenary of his death. In addition to works by the Spanish composer, the programme also included pieces by others who were in some way related to him: Chopin, Schumann, Mompou y Albéniz. 

Judith Jáuregui, an invitation to ecstasy

Review of X in LetrasLibres, by Manuel Pacheco

X, the fourth album by the pianist Judith Jáuregui, edited by BerliMusic in collaboration with the BBVA Foundation, is an immersion in the musical richness and spirituality of Scriabin.

Judith Jáuregui on Radio Nacional de España

Interview for ‘La Dársena’ programme on occasion of the launch of her new album X. Conversation with the programme’s host, Jesús Trujillo, accompanied by a commented listening of selected works from the album.

Jáuregui reaches ecstasy

Review of X in Síneris magazine, by Javier García Luengo

At this stage, to talk about crisis in the music album sales industry is redundant. However, as obvious at it may sound, it is worth recalling this so as to value the efforts of many artists who are taking steps to publish music of enormous quality. This is the case of the fourth album by Judith Jáuregui, the second launched under her own label BerliMusic.

“Being able to discover the world through music is a blessing”

Interview for Grazia, by Amy G. Williams. 

She entered the world of music at the age of 4, playing the violin, but quickly discovered this was not the instrument for her. “I had a horrible teacher who threatened to cut-off my fingers when I was only 4 years old! One day, I threw the violin down the stairs and brought out my Jáuregui character” the pianist recalls. From then onwards to this day, her life’s companion would be the piano.  

“Like Scriabin, I believe in salvation through music”

Interview for Platea Magazine, by Alejandro Martínez

Following her tour of Japan with the Spanish National Orchestra and her performance at the International Piano Festival of La Roque d´Anthéron in France, this week Judith Jáuregui presents her fourth album.

The ‘X’ in ecstasy

Interview for El País, by Virginia López Enano

The X for ecstasy, for elation, for extravagance. X for Alexander. Alexander Scriabin. The letter X captures the absolute and gives name to the new album of the pianist Judith Jáuregui, which centres on the figure of the Russian composer, from his fountains of inspiration to the imprint left by his work.

“Art understands about emotions, not about reason”

Q&A for El Cultural

With her fine and profound touch, the latest album by pianist Judith Jáuregui (San Sebastián, 1985) enters the esoteric universe of Scriabin, a composer who still today represents a great unknown that is yet to be fully understood. 

Judith Jáuregui immerses herself in the ecstasy of Scriabin with her new album

With X, Judith Jáuregui delves deep into the work of Russian composer Alexander Scriabin: a genius entrapped by delirium and ecstasy, one of arts’ most extravagant characters.

Judith Járegui kicks off Tour X in which she will be presenting her new CD

Following the official presentation of X -Judith Jáuregui’s fourth album with works by Scriabin, Chopin and Szymanowski- in Madrid on November 10th, the first concert of Tour X will be at the Palacio de San Nicolás in Bilbao on November 25th.

Interview on the programme “Spanish Pianists”, with José Luis García del Busto

The young pianist Judith Jáuregui takes us through her career up to the present, and points towards future projects, letting us in on her manner of living music and piano performance and illustrating the conversation with works by Debussy, Chopin and Mompou recorded live.

Judith Jáuregui makes her début in Japan alongside the Orquesta Nacional de España

On July 19th, 20th and 21st, Judith will make her début in Japan alongside the Orquesta Nacional de España with Manuel de Falla's Noches en los Jardines de España, conducted by Maestro Antonio Méndez. After two initial concerts in Morioka and Aomori, she will be going to Tokyo's Suntory Hall, and she will introduce herself a few days later in a recital at the Musashino Foundation.

Homage to Mompou in the American programme The Spanish Hour

The radio programme The Spanish Hour, directed by Candice Agree and broadcast by various stations throughout the United States, will devote an episode to the enigmatic Catalan composer Frederic Mompou, with a selection of his pieces performed by the artists Alicia de Larrocha, Julian Bream, Victoria de los Ángeles and Judith Jáuregui

Judith, a guest at the Pollença Festival de Música on August 13th

At the festival's 55th edition, she will perform, alongside soloists from the Czech Philharmonic conducted by Ji?í Vodi?ka, Mendelssohn's MWV02 Concerto in A minor, a rarely performed work from the Hamburg composer's early youth; the performance will be in the cloisters of the Convent of Santo Domingo.

A great success for Judith Jáuregui at the Ciutadella Festival Música d’Estiu in Menorca

El Diari de Menorca describe the San Sebastián pianist's concert as "a concert which will be difficult to forget, given the avalanche of emotions set loose by her energetic and precise performance"... “With a multitude of registers and colours which had the audience in her hands from start to finish, Jáuregui, young in age (she was born in 1985) although musically mature, ended the concert with most of the audience on its feet”

Judith Jáuregui replaces Jean-François Heisser at the Festival de La Roque d’Anthéron

It will be Judith who will take charge of offering the homage being paid by the La Roque d’Anthéron International Piano Festival to Enrique Granados on the centenary of his death, in a concert to be held in the Lourmain Temple. This will be the third time that Judith Jáuregui has taken part in the French festival. As well as Granados, she will perform works by Chopin, Mompou and Albéniz.

Homage to Granados at the Festival Musique en Côte Basque

On Saturday, September 3rd, Judith made her début at the Festival Musique en Côte Basque, with a recital in the Cloisters of Bayonne Cathedral, and the same repertoire which she took to La Roque d’Anthéron some weeks previously in homage to Enrique Granados on the centenary of his death.