Judith records Falla and Grieg with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León and Kaspar Zehnder

Judith has now finalised the recording of her next album, which has been recorded with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León (OSCYL) and maestro Kaspar Zehnder at the Auditorio Miguel Delibes in Valladolid (Spain). The works of the album are ‘Nights in the Garden of Spain’ by Manuel de Falla and ‘Piano Concerto in A minor’ by Edvard Grieg. Her previous album, ‘Die Romatische Seele’, dedicated to Robert and Clara Schumman, was nominated to the Opus Klassik Awards in the Best Soloist of the Year category in 2021.

Her five prior albums explored the universes of Liszt, Chopin, Granados, Debussy, Falla, Mompou, Szymanowski and Scriabin. “Since the launch of ‘Die Romatische Seele’ I have needed time to reflect as to where to go next in terms of my recordings, and this new project with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Castilla y León is a great opportunity to return to record again. The album revolves around two composers – Manuel de Falla and Edvard Grieg - who were deeply attached to their roots, from which each built a unique and universal sound language. They were both defenders of the culture and folklore of these roots, the Andalusian and the Norwegian, and through their works they were able to give their worlds, full of identity, a truly international dimension. Falla’s ‘Nights’ and Grieg’s ‘Piano Concerto’ are two great pieces of the repertoire for piano and orchestra” says Judith Jáuregui. 

“I have recorded the album with the OSCYL – an orchestra present in my career since my very beginnings – and maestro Kaspar Zehnder, with whom I have forged a great friendship, after having had the pleasure of working different repertoires, in great depth, with him in recent years. It will be launched by Eudora Records, a boutique label that takes great care in the selection of its recording projects and has an exceptional sound quality, which has led it to achieve fantastic recognition internationally” Jáuregui has added. “During these very intense days of recording the orchestra’s sound has been fantastic; it is not easy to maintain that constant level of energy during a recording process and I am very grateful to Kaspar Zehnder, as well as the musicians, for their degree of commitment, as well as the inspiration they have given me from their lecterns with their marvellous wind and string solos. I am also very grateful to the technical team, Martin Rust and Gonzalo Noqué, for the profoundness with which we have worked in each session” Judith Jáuregui has concluded.