Beethoven no. 1 with the Basque National Orchestra

Following her concerts with the Spanish National Radio and Television Orchestra, Judith now joins the Basque National Orchestra within its season to play on February 15 and 16 in Pamplona. Conducted by Jaume Santoja (associate conductor of the orchestra) they will perform Beethoven’s Concerto no.1, one of Judith’s favourite concerts. “A work that brings back cherished memories of my childhood - she says - because it was one of the first concerts with orchestra that I learnt and played in public.”

It is indeed a concert the pianist knows well and describes as being of “a wonderful freahness, full of joy and vitality. Written in 1796, at a time when he also composed his first piano sonatas just arrived from Vienna and is still under the influence of Mozart and Haydn - Judith explains - the work already has that Beethovian stamp of character and energy.” Schumman’s Symphony no. 2 completes the rest of the programme.